How to create a video podcast

Create a Video Podcast:

1. Exporting video in mp4 format for itunes
     A. Mpeg Streamclip Settings
            1. file menu: export to mp4
            2. click iTunes button
     B. Naming your files
            1. Have episode #s in 001 format
     C. Saving your files
     D. Exporting a still image
            1. file menu: export frame

2. Uploading video file to server
   A. create account with
   B. upload files
   C. Find .mp4 link
   D. copy URL

3. Posting video to blog
   A. create google account
   B. create blog layout
   C. new post
      1. post title
      2. paste URL
      3. Upload picture
      4. change picture link
      5. video description
      6. tags

4. Setting up feed
   A. create feedburner account
   B. enter blog info
   C. Add Feed Chiclet to blogger sidebar

5. Submit to iTunes

For more details, check out: